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Is it time to replace your windows?

From humans to rocks, everything ages. The average life expectancy for a water heater, for instance is between 8 and 12 years, according to the experts at Lowe’s. Fortunately, the windows in our homes have a much longer life span–up...
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4 reasons to sell your house a.s.a.p.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of moving up, downsizing or just craving a change of scenery, you may want to consider selling your home a.s.a.p. In pockets across the country, the housing market is showing signs of change. Yes,...
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3 reasons to never garden without gloves

We recently read a Facebook gardening group post asking “Who else loves to garden bare handed?” We were shocked at the responses, most of which agreed that they do the same. “I need to feel the soil in my fingers,”...
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DIY tips to increase curb appeal

What happens – or doesn’t – between the curb in front of your home and the home’s front door is known as curb appeal. It makes or breaks the potential buyer’s first impression. It’s that important. But, it’s the area...
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What you need to know about homeowner’s associations

A Dallas homeowners association (HOA )sent a letter to homeowner Frank Larison, a 58-year-old Vietnam veteran, threatening to have his car towed, at his expense. His crime? Displaying Marine Corps decals on the car’s bumper and in the rear window....
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What to consider when buying a used refrigerator

It’s the sad truth: we can’t all afford to pop into Home Depot and plunk down $3,000 for a brand new “French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel.” Heck, many Americans, especially right now, don’t have the $620 for...
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Should I buy a new or an existing home?

One of the choices you may be faced with when you decide to buy a home is whether to buy a newly-built home in a new home community or an existing house. Sure, you can remodel an older home to...
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3 easy ways to live a greener life

Green – a word that can indicate envy or inexperience, it can conjure up a frog named Kermit, or immature fruit. It’s also a descriptor of a lifestyle that is concerned with environmentalism. While many Americans take this concern to...
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When shopping for a new home, consider location carefully

The real estate industry loves to harp on “location;” so much so that we repeat it three times to let you know how important it is. Location, location, location not only determines a home’s value but the homeowner’s enjoyment of...
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You may not notice them, but your home has eyesores

You can clean your home like a professional. Organize and decorate ‘til the cows come home. Nine times out of 10, however, what your guests will notice first are those little eyesores that you’ve grown so accustomed to that you...
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