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Inexpensive fall home maintenance projects to do this weekend

It has been said that the easiest way to eat an elephant is by taking one bite at a time. The same holds true for home maintenance tasks. Broken down into smaller bites, the jobs don’t seem so overwhelming. We...
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Are you ready for the next hurricane?

While, thankfully, hurricane Ida is now in the rearview mirror and all is quiet on the weather front, emergency preparedness experts are warning us that we are only in the beginning of hurricane season. Are you ready for the next...
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Time to downsize? Check out the incredible advantages

In 1973, the median U.S. home size was 1,525 square feet. Since then, builders have gradually increased the square footage of the homes they construct. In 2007, home sizes hit their peak (2,227 square feet) and have been dropping ever...
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Should I buy a home with a septic system?

When looking at homes for sale you may see in the listing description that a home isn’t on “city services.” What this means is that the home has its own “sewer,” known as a septic system. We frequently field questions...
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Fall: Time to plant those mums!

Fall mums, also known as garden mums, used to be commonly known as chrysanthemums. They are available in many colors and sizes, are easy to grow in the garden bed as well as containers and they’re sure to add a...
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The lead based paint disclosure

Among the many forms you’ll be asked to sign when you buy a home is the Lead Based Paint disclosure. I’ve seen many clients give it just a cursory glance before signing it; rarely does anyone take the time to...
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Tips to close your pool

Summer 2020 and 2021 saw the sale of pools, and homes with pools, skyrocket. In July of this year, “… a basic vinyl in-ground pool — without the bells and whistles of heating, decking or any further customization — costs...
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What questions should I ask real estate agents?

Seven in 10 real estate consumers work with the first real estate agent they interview, according to studies by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). I don’t know about you, but I find that statistic shocking. Whether buying or selling...
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Thinking about home renovations? Read this first

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to perform home improvement projects before you put your home on the market. In fact, some fixes are mandatory. When you’re considering major renovations, however, you need to be careful that you don’t over-improve the...
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Pets have accidents: Here’s how to clean them from carpet

Statistics; you gotta love them. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 38.4% of American households are home to a dog, while 25.4% have cats. That’s a grand total of more than 48 million dogs and nearly 32 million cats....
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